Cuba Celebrates World Children’s Day

Havana, Jun 1. – Cuba celebrates the World Children's Day with commendable results and the international recognition for protecting minors, at a time when childhood in the world is uncertain.

Health, education, culture, sports, laws… in these and other areas the Cuban government and institutions have combined efforts to guarantee infants' enjoyment.

During the presentation of a report on the State of the World's Children 2012 in February, UNICEF representative in Cuba Jose Juan Ortiz said this country is an example of fair society, with a political will to protect girls, boys and adolescents.

In remarks to the press, the official stated that Cubans have full education, right to participation and they can play in the street, which does not happen in other nations due to insecurity and violence.

For Ortiz, Cuba is a model in compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and has experiences to show to the world in spaces such as education and health services, which are free and available for everyone.(Prensa Latina)