ALBA Medical Project to Coordinate Integration in Nicaragua

Managua, May 29. – Representatives of Albamed, a health project of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) will hold a two-day meeting from May 30th in Nicaragua with President Daniel Ortega and health officials.

Rosario Murrillo, coordinator of the Consejo de Comunicación y Ciudadanía, told Canal 4 of the television, this meeting is to arrange among the member countries of ALBA the purchase of medication and improvement of health care technology.

Ortega is to meet with doctor Rafael Perez Cristia, director of Cuba´s Public Health Ministry Center for State Control of Medication, Technology and other enginery, and coordinator of the project.

Albamed-approved at the 5th ALBA Summit in Cumana, Venezuela, as part of the ALBA-Salud Grannacional program- in the view of the signatories, will develop a regional system of integration to access quality, safe, efficient and affordable medication in the world market.(Prensa Latina)