Cuban Courts Look for Speedily Solving Legal Cases

Cuban Courts Look for Speedily Solving Legal Cases Havana, May 24. – Cuba's People's Supreme Court (TSP) redoubles efforts to speedily solve or decide legal affairs.

TSP vice president Manuel Silvera stated that about 94 percent of legal affairs were solved in the court system in late 2010.

Appeal resolution in the TSP was carried out in an average of 90 days, although it reached higher speedy levels in affairs with defendants in provisional prisons, stated Silvera in his paper at the 6th International Justice and Law Meeting, taking place in Havana.

This situation, result of the control and multi-sector exigencies about the prison system, prevents in Cuba the presence of a phenomenon present in many parts of the world, which are denominated unconvicted or forgotten prisons.

They stay in prison awaiting the solution of the trial for many years and, in many cases, in equal terms or higher to which they correspond, if they are sentenced, the expert said.

The TSP Government Council has developed a strategy to achieve greater effectiveness in the execution of sentences in civil, administrative and economic matters, Silvera noted.

More than 500 delegates from 14 nations are attending the 16th International Justice and Law Meeting 2012, to be ended Friday at the Havana's Conference Center.(Prensa Latina)