LABIOFAM Presents Medicines Made from Banana

Hanoi, Apr 27.- The Pharmaceutical Biological Laboratory (LABIOFAM) presented in this capital new highly-effective medical products from banana peel that stirred up interest and admiration among Vietnamese scientists and researchers. LABIOFAM executives Jorge Luis Martinez and Yudit Rodriguez presented the products to the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry at the Institute of Medicinal Materials.

After a meticulous process of lab study, tests of medicinal properties and health registration strictly according to international regulations, those products have already been on the market, Rodriguez stated.

This is the case, for example, of ASMACAN, a bronchodilator and expectorant, which is very effective for ambulatory asthma patients, as systematic inquiries have demonstrated among patients in Cuba.

Another medicine is NUTRISOL, a nutritional, restorative supplement used in the treatment of anemia, anorexia and convalescence.

Other medicines to treat specific types of anemia are FERRICAL and ACITAN. They provide a missing dietetic-fiber supplement, encourage more healthy processes, and are an effective protector of the gastric mucus.

Another medicine is PROPOLINA, a restorer for immunological disorders, rapid cicatrization, anti-parasite, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-bacterial, all at once.

LABIOFARM has also fostered a line of products obtained from mango peel, known as VIMANG, for many physical uses, among them as a nutritional supplement for people subdued to high tensions such as pilots, high-performance athletes and divers, among others. (Prensa Latina)