U.S. University Students Prepare Videobook on Cuba

U.S. University Students Prepare Videobook on Cuba Cienfuegos, Cuba, Mar 12. – Students from the U.S. Vassar College, who are visiting Cuba, are preparing a videobook about the 20th and 21st centuries on the island, said one of the teachers who accompanies them.

Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert, professor of the department of Hispanic Studies at the New York-based Vassar College, told Prensa Latina that they already coordinated the edition with a consortium of academic editorials in the United States.

The project, to be read in electronic tablets, will be built on the field works carried out by the 41-student group from Vassar College during a tour of six Cuban provinces from March 3 to 17, the Puerto Rican teacher stated.

The stay in Cuba complements a course on international syllabus, which every year chooses a different country as an object of research, and for which some 130 freshmen and senior students opted in their respective careers, she said.

The students are organized in working groups to carry out research projects on environmental studies, education, economy and tourism, among others.(Prensa Latina)