Cuban Poet Highlights Cuban Relation with the Caribbean

Cuban Poet Highlights Cuban Relation with the CaribbeanHavana, Feb 4. – Cuban poet Marilyn Bobes, renowned by her narrative work in countries such as Mexico and Peru, highlighted here the approach of Cuban literature with the Caribbean, speaking of the Cuban Book Fair to be held from February 9 to 19, dedicated to the Caribbean.

"There are Cuban characters in the Haitian literature," said Bobes in statements to Prensa Latina.

Talking about this aspect, she went on about it talking about the work of writer Jacques Roumain (1907-1944), the inspirer of the Haitian black population with books such as his posthumous work Gobernadores del Rocio (Governors of Dew, 1944) that had a great repercussion in the entire world.

Bobes also mentioned Haitian novelist Alexis Jacques-Stephen (1922-1961) who widely wrote about this subject. He died before he was 40, victim of the repression of the dictatorship of Francois Duvalier (1907-1971).

Talking about the language diversity, sometimes an obstacle for communication, Bobes said the Caribbean roots should never be out of sight. That is why she is happy that the 21st edition of the International Havana Book Fair is dedicated to the cultures of the Caribbean.

Marilyn Bobes was the winner of the Edmundo Valades Latin American Story Award of the Mexican Fine Arts Institute in Puebla, in 1993, and winner of the Magda Portal Hispano American Award in 1994 in Peru.

She was also awarded with the Casa de las Americas in 1995 with her work "Alguien Tiene que Llorar" (Someone Has to Cry). Her second Casa de las Americas Award came in 2005, with her novel "Fiebre Invernal" (Winter Fever).(Prensa Latina)