Dominican Writer Speaks about Casa de las Americas Award

Cienfuegos, Cuba, Jan 18. -Dominican author Avelino Stanley (born in La Romana in 1959) regarded the Casa de las Americas Literature Award as a reference in its environment, with a lot of dignity.Stanley told Prensa Latina that being a member of the jury of the 53rd Casa de las Americas Award represents as much as being a winner. Stanley had previously submitted his works to two former editions.

"For many Latin Americans from my generation, the Casa de las Americas Award was always linked to that original vision we had of Cuba, a country with a firm decision to lead its own destiny, on a different path from the one taken by the rest of the peoples in the region," said the author of the famous novel "Tiempo Muerto" (Dead Times, 1998).

"As time goes by, the Casa Award has become not only a Cuban patrimony. It is also a patrimony of the entire Latin America," added the member of the 2012 Casa Award Jury.

Talking about literature for children and young people, the author of the novels "La Ciguapa Encantada por la Luna" and "Chichiguas que me Llevan a las Nubes" commented that this exercise as a member of the jury is focused on the need to reach a real transformation in young people.

"Today's world cannot go on just like now, and it's not going to be changed by us, it's going to be changed by younger people. That is why, I am writing for them too," said the Dominican intellectual, who graduated as an economist from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.

In addition to Avelino Stanley, the jurors of the 2012 Casa de las Americas Award in the category of literature for children and youth include Leonor Bravo (Ecuador), Carlo Frabetti (Italy-Spain), Liliana de la Quintana (Bolivia) and Nelson Santos (Cuba). (Prensa Latina)