Santa Cruz del Sur to restore many local facilities

Investments on behalf of the population from Santa Cruz del Sur continue this 2012 and since the very beginning of the current season, Retail Enterprise carries out the restoration of three units out of the 14 included in the plan for the current year.Happily for the people in this territory, Commerce and Gastronomy Enterprise will carry out the restoration of the El Encanto Shop, which has spent more than 10 years in disuse.

The industrial shop in Candido Gonzales, one of the benefited ones by the current investment is going to be ready for February 14th, with greater service expectative to the inhabitants in this Popular Council.

The restoration of the Coppelia is another planned work to be carried out in this season, this is facility aimed to offer several products to the population. (Yamile Agrenot Castillo/ Radio Santa Cruz)