Paraguay to Declare Agricultural Emergency due to Drought

Asuncion, Jan 16. -The Paraguayan Government will declare an agricultural emergency due to the drought that is affecting some regions of the country, official sources disclosed on Monday.Miguel Lopez Perito, head of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency, announced the agricultural emergency in statements to the press at the Government Seat. Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Enzo Cardoso later confirmed the emergency.

Cardoso noted that by declaring the state of emergency, the Government plans to help producers and provide them with the necessary tools to guarantee their own consumption.

The agricultural emergency reaffirms the Executive's decision to not leave any citizen unprotected, given the current situation, the minister pointed out.

Last week, the Ministry of Agriculture reported that eight of the country's 17 departments were under a serious agro-meteorological situation, showing a decrease in production that ranged from 30 to 50 percent.

The heavy rains that affected the country over the past few days did not quench the drought that has been hurting these regions since November 2011, according to weather reports. (Prensa Latina)