Mexico: Two Police Officers Tried for Murdering Students

Mexico, Jan 16. -Two of 12 police officers involved in the murders of two students in the state of Guerrero were identified as the alleged perpetrators of the crimes, so they will be tried, it was reported on Monday.Ismael Matadama Salinas and Rey David Cortes Flores, members of the ministerial police, are the accused police officers.The General Attorney´s Office noted that the First Judicial District Court lifted the charges against the other ten officers due to insufficient evidence to accuse them.

Gabriel Echeverría de Jesús and Jorge Alexis Herrera were killed on December 12, when students from Ayotzinapa school were blocking a road to demand teaching improvements and were violently evicted by local and federal police officers.

During the clash, a gas station located in this place was set on fire causing the deaths of Gonzalo Miguel Rivas, who suffered terrible burns, a case that is still under investigation. (Prensa Latina)