March for a Road in Tipnis Awaits New Year in Cochabamba

La Paz, Dec 31. -The march calling for the construction of a road in the Indigenous Territory Isiboro-Secure National Park (Tipnis) will remain in Cochabamba on Saturday, to resume the journey to La Paz in the new year.The more than 800-people caravan, representing over 25 communities, arrived in Cochabamba on Friday, and were received as heroes, with canticles, petards, and hurrahs from most of the population.

During a mass rally held at the 14 de Septiembre Square on Friday, participants made public their demands to cancel the Short Law 180, which prohibits the construction of any road from passing through that national reserve, and demanded the continuity of the project.

Cochabamba social organizations have mobilized to supply the marchers with food, medicines, clothes and shoes, although some leaders of the march are demanding the attention of Ombudsman Rolando Villena.

The road should resolve problems of health and education, and allow residents to market their products. (Prensa Latina)