Syrian Forces Prevent Infiltration of Armed Groups from Turkey

Damascus, December 27. -Local forces clashed with an armed terrorist group in the village of Ain al-Baida, very close to the Turkish border, after inflicting casualties and preventing the entry of another group of bandits, the national media reported Tuesday.Brigadier General among Syrian Bomb Victims

The band of armed outlaws were providing cover for the infiltration of other mercenaries when they were caught by members of the border guards.

In the operation, the local forces seized weapons, military uniforms, communication devices and false identification cards.

According to official sources, the rest of the gunmen fled into Turkish territory, where the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan provides them support and protection, as the Turkish media itself confirmed.

The current operation is the third in December by local troops to thwart the infiltration of armed groups from Turkey, according to official sources cited in the press. (Prensa Latina)