Piñera Calls Former Chilean Presidents to Dialogue

Santiago de Chile, Dec 26. -Chilean President Sebastian Piñera invited former presidents Patricio Aylwin, Eduardo Frei, Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet to the La Moneda Presidential Palace to talk about eventual political reforms in 2012.The invitation is to talk about Chile, about issues on which their views and experiences will be sought in order to make better decisions and define better options for the country next year, said on Monday the president's spokesman, Andres Chadwick.

Chadwick confirmed that former presidents Aylwin, Frei and Lagos accepted the invitation, and he responded to the questions of the opposition about the motivations of the government regarding the participation of Bachelet.

"It is not an invitation with a contingent political character, nor will we invite someone to criticize", said Chadwick.

The first round of dialogue is scheduled for today with Alwyin.

Chadwick announced that among the topics of a general character, they will also dicusee Chile's preparations to face the effects of the international economic crisis in 2012. (Prensa Latina)