Brazilian President Stresses Commitment to Eliminate Poverty

Brasilia, 26. -President Dilma Rousseff on Monday reiterated the official commitment to eradicate poverty in the country before 2014, while removing 16 million Brazilians from extreme poverty.The government will not rest until achieving its goal of eradicating extreme poverty, because the big and strong Brazil that is being built is not just for a few people but for all 190 million Brazilians, said Rousseff in her usual Coffee with the President radio program on Monday.

Commenting on the main program of her government, which will complete its first year on December 31, Rousseff said the government was on the right path, adding that in 2011 it managed to unite the country, state and local governors and civil society around a commitment to eradicate extreme poverty in the nation.

According to Rousseff, earlier this year the authorities found 800,000 families who do not receive the family benefits they are entitled to.

In the first half of 2011, the Brazil without Misery Program managed to locate 407,000 and incorporate 325,000 more families, Rousseff said.

Until 2013, the government will find all the Brazilians living in poverty and incorporate them into the Bolsa Familia Rpogram, a project that distributes income in exchange for the fulfillment of certain conditions. (Prensa Latina)