Syria Reaffirms Bonds of Friendship with Cuba

Syria Reaffirms Bonds of Friendship with CubaDamascus, Dec 9. – Syria will continue strengthening its bonds of friendship and cooperation with Cuba, a country it admires for its positions of principle, strength and human solidarity, affirmed Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Mekdad.

In an interview granted to Prensa Latina, the diplomat recalled that Syria and Cuba have always joined efforts and supported mutually at international forums, mainly during critical moments.

"Cuba has shared its few resources with others with the same conditions or with the most needed and has backed just causes, the reason why it is an example. We admire Cuba", noted Mekdad.

Mekdad recalled President Bashar al-Assad´s visit to Cuba in 2010, when possibilities to strengthen cooperation in the economic and other sectors such as health, given Damascus´ interest in buying products of the biotechnological industry, were discussed.

Cuba has opposed Western maneuvers at international forums aiming at intensifying the current anti-Syria campaign, a fact demonstrated during its recent rejection, along with Russia, China and Ecuador, to a resolution condemning Damascus at the UN Human Rights Council, based in Geneva.

In October, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez traveled to the Syrian capital taking part of a ministerial delegation of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) to demonstrate the rejection to foreign intervention.(Prensa Latina)