Russian-Translated Books by Fidel Castro in St.Petersburg

Moscow, Nov 22. -Cuban ambassador to Russia Juan Valdez Figueroa launched in St. Petersburg the Russian language edition of the books by Fidel Castro "La victoria estrategica" (The Strategic Victory) and "La contraofensiva estrategica" (The Strategic Counteroffensive), diplomatic sources reported.

The event, held at the auditorium of the House of Friendship of that northern city, is part of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Society of Friendship with Cuba in the then city of Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg.

Zina Karaseva, who was a member of the Soviet internationalist brigade in 1962, when the October missile crisis occurred, referred to the deep inspiration that the triumph of the Cuban Revolution awakened in her generation, which she did not hesitate in going to support.

Karaseva stated how her personal experience in those crucial moments occurred in October 1962 when Cuba and the world were under the imminent threat of a nuclear war, and Fidel Castro was able to firmly defend Cuba´s sovereignty by not allowing the US demand to inspect Cuban facilities.

The activity was attended by 70 members of the Society of Friends of Cuba in St. Petersburg and a dozen teenagers, representing a young group from the Lyceum number 43 of that city, where they study the Spanish language. The Cuban ambassador donated many copies of the books to the libraries at the House of Friendship, the History Faculty of the Humanities University in St. Petersburg and the Lyceum 43 of that city. (Prensa Latina)