Third Month of Protests in USA

Washington, Nov 18. -The Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) started on Friday its third month of protests against the power of mega banks, the high unemployment rate and the inequities generated by the capitalist system.New York and other U.S. cities were scenarios on Thursday of the "Massive Global Day of Action" to mark the two-month anniversary of OWS, announced in the website.

Protests also took place in European countries like Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Poland, mainly.

In New York City, thousands of people joined the protests, with 177 people arrested and seven police officers injured, according to NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NY Chief of Police Ray Nelly.

In Los Angeles, hundreds of people occupied the streets; where nearly 20 were arrested by federal agents, as they were trying to evict a camp downtown.

Riot police in San Francisco arrested nearly 100 people who had occupied a Bank of America branch.

According to the official United Nations spokesman, Martin Nesirky, protesters have the right to a peaceful demonstration, adding that "the rule of law is very important."

The OWS movement has faced snow storms, pepper tear gases, dogs, batons and violent police evictions since Sept.17 in order to highlight their presence all over United States. (Prensa Latina)