Syrians Take Streets Condemning AL

Damascus, Nov 16. -Despite the icy rain, thousands of Syrians again took to the streets of the capital and of other cities reaffirming national unity and condemning the Arab League for suspending Syria.Syria Refuses to Attend AL Meetings in Rabat

Arab League Might Formalize Syrian Suspension
The Seven Seas Square witnessed the mass demonstration expressing support to the government of President Bashar al-Assad, and ratifying their support for sovereignty and independence and national unity.

Several demonstrations supporting the government have intensified since last Sunday. On Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Arab League office in Damascus.

Quoted by SANA news agency, a demonstrator noted that suspending Syria from the Arab League would not weaken the country, but will increase the Syrians´ determination and commitment to national unity, reaffirming their pan-Arab stance.

At Omayyad Square, a group of ladies, who cut their hair, continue holding a sit-in since Monday morning for three days in a row rejecting the AL´s decision.

In the Arab World, women cut their hair to show disrespect for men. One of the demonstrators explained that they cut their hair to prove they are ashamed of such Arab positions which contributed to issuing the resolution against Syria. (Prensa Latina)