Cuban Musicians to Give Homage to Polo Montañez

Artemisa, Cuba, Nov 8. -Cuban solo artists and groups will give homage to deceased Cuban songwriter and singer Polo Montañez on November 19 with a great concert, nine years after the death of the great Cuban artist.During the activity in a theatre in Havana, songs of his first CD called "Guajiro Natural" and others written by Polo Montañez will be performed, said Amauri Romero, nephew of Polo, a man who conquered hearts in stages in America and Europe.

Romero said that just like years before, friends, admirers, fans of Polo Montañez will take sones, guarachas, bachatas and other things up to the stage.

The winner of a Golden Disc and a Platinum Disc because of his first CD, Polo died because of a traffic accident in November 2002. He was the author of nearly 100 musical pieces, and some of his compositions were not recorded or performed by his own voice.

Polo was known as "Guajiro Natural" and is still very beloved in Cuba, Colombia and other countries where he became an idol.

"The concert will be a very nice way to remember him," said Romero, who also assured the band preserves Polo´s legacy.

There are unpublished texts, still preserved in their original writings or printed in a songbook, now included in the group´s first individual CD, without the voice of Polo.

The name chosen for the CD was Question de Suerte (A Question of Luck) since uncertainty was affecting the members of the band.

"In that CD, we included songs like "Con Ella No Puedo Estar" (I Can´t Be With Her) and "Historia Uno" (Story One), two songs written by Polo that he did not have the chance to perform himself.

A second CD called "Un Sueño y Nada Mas" (A Dream and Nothing Else than That) let the group perform another good song by Polo, called "La Sombra Loca" (The Crazy Shadow) which was later popularized by Puerto Rican singer Gilberto Santa Rosa.

"We want to keep Polo´s exclusive way to sing and recreate national musical rhythms, and that every melody, contains a message of love and peace," Romero concluded. (Prensa Latina)