Guadalajara-2011: Men’s Soccer Semifinals in Pan-American Games

Guadalajara, Mexico, Oct 26. -Argentina and Uruguay, members of the COMMEBOL, and Mexico and Costa Rica, of CONCACAF, on Wednesday will face each other in the men's soccer semifinals of the 2011 Pan American Games.The locals and Uruguayans qualified in the competition Group A with seven and four points respectively, while leaving behind the Trinidadians (3) and Ecuadoreans (1).

In Group B, Argentina (7) and Costa Rica (6) qualified for the semifinals.

The Costa Ricans staged the biggest surprise of the competition by defeating Brazil 3-1.

Cuba achieved a goalless draw against Brazil, but lost by the minimum to the other two teams in its preliminary group.

The Pan-American men's soccer finals is scheduled for Friday. (Prensa Latina)