Performance Night will mark National Culture Day in Southern Camaguey

Willing to celebrate the National Culture Day, in commemoration of October 20th 1868, when Mambí Troops and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes freed Bayamo City, and when that people intoned our national anthem for the first time, Santa Cruz del Sur born people will be able to enjoy an artistic gala today at Olga Alonso Culture House.

In homage to all those battles seeking for freedom, art instructors, along with specialists of the Olga Alonso Culture House will perform identity events related to the history of our national anthem through dancing, theatre and music at the previously mentioned institution.

As established in the Decree Law 74 of the Executive Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers of August 22nd 1980, " that anthem was composed by Perucho Figueredo, one of the heroes forging the insurrection spirit, and it accomplished its mission, challenging with its sonorous richness and patriotic intention to the colonial authorities by interpreting it for the first time at the procession of the Corpus Christi, in Bayamo, at down of the Proclamation of Independence and the abolition of slavery". (Iliana Pérez Lara/ Radio Santa Cruz)