S. Korean Mil. Drills in Islands on the PDRK Border

Seoul, Oct 5. -South Korea announced today military exercises in islands on the north border of the People's Democratic Republic of Korea in line with the distress tied to the incident of November 2010 in the area.The routine operation is designed to improve our power, a member of the Joint Chief of Staff told the media about the new military drills at the common border.

According to the source, the NW Islands Command exercises, to run from Oct. 8 in Baengnyeong and Yeonpyeong involve, among other, self-propelled K-9 cannons.

The later hosted the Nov. 23rd fire exchange when the PDRK retaliated the aggression against its territorial waters from the South.

Pyongyang called the incident US-instigated provocation and the PDRK's response self-defense. Since then tensions at the peninsula soared with South Korea's military build-up. (Prensa Latina)