Cuba, Syria Reiterates Desire to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Cuba, Syria Reiterates Desire to Strengthen Bilateral Ties United Nations, Sep 27. – The foreign ministers of Cuba and Syria, Bruno Rodriguez and Walid Moalla, respectively, reaffirmed the desire of their countries to strengthen existing bilateral ties in various fields.

During a meeting in the city of New York, Rodriguez referred to the fulfillment of the agreements signed during the visit of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, in 2010 to his country.

Rodriguez confirmed the full support of Cuba to Syria against any foreign interference in its internal affairs.

Speaking Monday at the 66 session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Rodriguez condemned military aggression against Libya, led by the United States and the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty, and threats to Syria.

Military intervention in Libya and the growing threat to Syria were opportunistic and defensive responses from the United States and Europe to the collapse of its system of domination and looting in North Africa and Middle East, said Rodriguez.(Prensa Latina)