Recognizing Palestine a Must, Says Cuba at UN

Recognizing Palestine a Must, Says Cuba at UN United Nations, Sep 27. – Cuba said on Monday that the United Nations Organization has the moral, political and legal obligation to recognize an independent Palestinian State with borders before 1967 and East Jerusalem as its capital.

 "It must do it with or without the Security Council, with US veto or not, with or without new peace talks," said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla during his country's turn at the 66th period of sessions of the UN General Assembly.

"If the subjugation of a nation to conditions threatening its existence qualifies as genocide (…) the General Assembly must act now, said the head of the Cuban delegation to the meeting.

The member countries must take all legal steps to recognize the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to independence, sovereignty and self-determination, he said.

Member countries should also adopt all legal means to guarantee the protection of Palestinian civilians, explained Rodriguez, who urged the United States to stop vetoing continuously the UN Security Council resolutions on the issue.

He called the European Union to oppose that veto and refrain from supporting the White House in its brutal pressure on the members of the Assembly and the Council.

"Europe should also denounce, as it is true and certain that these crimes would not be happening without military support, the financial support and impunity that the United States guarantees to the government of Israel," he said.

"Cuba, with a small Hebrew community, also condemns the historical injustice of anti-Semitism, the crime against humanity that was the holocaust and also recognizes the right of the State of Israel to its existence," said Cuba's top diplomat.

Our people only harbors feelings of fraternity towards the Israeli people, also a victim of this conflict.(Prensa Latina)