Wife of Cuban Anti Terrorist Fighter with Busy Geneva Agenda

Wife of Cuban Anti Terrorist Fighter with Busy Geneva Agenda Geneva, Mar 7. – Adriana Perez, the wife of one of the Cuban anti terrorist fighters unfairly held in prison in the United States Wednesday met in this capital with the director of the Special Procedures Division of the UN Human Rights High Commissioner, Jane Connors.

Perez said in the meeting that the trial against the Cuban Five, as they are internationally known, was rigged and held in Miami, a hostile territory controlled by a Cuban mafia and where it was impossible to carry out a fair and impartial trial, according to the US and the International laws.

Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, and Rene Gonzalez, were condemned to long sentences including double life sentence plus 15 years in prison for monitoring terrorist groups.

Hernandez' wife denounced the fact that the Habeas Corpus resources of the case currently remain under the consideration of the same judge, the same prosecutor, and the same district that condemned them.

She talked about the new evidences presented in the process, such as the journalists paid by the US authorities to write articles against the Five or the US government's refusal to disclose the satellite images of February 26, 1996.

In the meeting, Adriana Perez asked for transferring those evidences to the Special Secretary on Judges and Lawyers Independence, in order to carry out all possible actions so that Washington gives a final and fair solution to this case.(Prensa Latina)