Nicaraguan President Presents 4,000 Land Deeds to Families

Managua, Sep 21. -President Daniel Ortega presented 4,794 land deeds to families from all Managua's districts during a ceremony at the Catholic University of Nicaragua, saying it was not a gift, but a right.Of the 4,794 land property titles, 1,621 were presented to families in District No. 1 of Managua; 237 to families in No.2; 1,715 to No. 3; 259 to No. 4; 1,003 to No.5; 523 to No. 6, and 436 to No. 7, Ortega announced.

According to the president, the Nicaraguan government is working to guarantee that all families in the country have official deeds to their homes, given that the lack of documentation is considered a national problem.

Ortega also announced that Cardinal Miguel Obando was expected to visit several departments of the country in the coming weeks, and would present 43,649 property titles to families in the countryside and the city.

Funds for resurfacing 796 streets in 80 neighbourhoods in the capital were approved, benefiting 718,944 people. Also 1,000 homes will be built to give the poorest families decent homes, without leaving out the construction of homes for people affected by the rains, informed Ortega. (Prensa Latina)