Venezuela Evaluates Measures to Eliminate Illegal Weapons

Caracas, Sep 13. -The presidential commission on Control of Weapons, Ammunitions and Disarmament in Venezuela evaluated Tuesday several measures to boost the volunteer handing in of weapons and munitions illegally circulating in the country.

Reinaldo Hidalgo, coordinator of Special Measures of the Presidential Commission, in an interview to the Venezolana de Television, explained that they are studying the possibility to make an exchange in the communities, along with educative and preventive policies against crime.

The commission is working on the evaluation of weapons currently stored in the evidence rooms to determine the most frequent types of guns circulating in the streets, before they are destroyed as soon as possible.

Hidalgo announced the extension of the resolution of prohibiting firearms in cultural, sport and recreational spaces. This measure is intended at protecting Venezuelan citizens.

This measure was implemented on August for public and private transport units, which have 90 days to establish the necessary mechanisms and measures to detect a passenger carrying a firearm.

The Venezuelan government will permanently monitor the accomplishment of this measure and will also develop a public campaign to boost the peace in its society.

Labels reading "Firearm free zone" will be stuck in vehicles and transportation stations, which will be constantly inspected by police officers to detect the insertion of weapons. (Prensa Latina)