Cuban Dance Company to Perform in the USA

Cuban Dance Company to Perform in the USA Santiago de Cuba, Sep 6. – The Teatro de la Danza del Caribe (TDC) company will perform for the first time in the United States early next year, according to its Director Edison Reyes.

Reyes told Prensa Latina that the group, led by National Dance Prize laureate Eduardo Rivero, will perform in San Francisco, California, invited by the Alayo Dance Company and the California Dance Company.

He recalled that the three groups recently shared performances at the Mella Theater in Havana, and also during the 30th International Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba.

Choreographies to be performed include "A pesar del tiempo" and "Siempre Corriendo" by Ramon Ramos, as well as other emblematic works like Sulkary and Lambarena.

Founded over 20 years ago, the Cuban company is well known internationally, with tours of Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as exchanges with other dance groups worldwide.

With an average age of 20 years, TDC dancers and musicians assimilate modern and contemporary dance techniques mixed with expressions of Afro-Caribbean culture.(Prensa Latina)