Mexico to Keep Fighting Crime, Says President

Mexico, Sep 3. -Mexican President Felipe Calderon said he will not stop fighting crime.In an address at the National Museum of Anthropology on occasion of the 5th Governmental Report, President Calderon referred to the evolution of organized crime and the strategy followed by the government to fight it, as well as results and projects.

Calderon said there were gangs in the border with the US that have evolved to drug traffickers, and later became drug cartels, and instead of supplying drugs abroad, they decided to sell it in the Mexican territory and started a struggle between them for the control of this activity, and at the same time they diversified their criminal operations.

He said such a dangerous situation has prompted the Mexican government to confront the criminal bands.

Up to now, the Mexican federal forces have caught or killed 21 of the 37 most dangerous criminal leaders in Mexico.

President Calderon said that an integral strategy is being followed to face and submitting the criminal in order to build a new institutionality, with security and justice.

Calderon said that the most important objective will be to reconstruct the social tissue affected by the lack of opportunities for the young people, family and social disintegration and the loss of values. (Prensa Latina)