The Cuban “Danza Espiral” Company Soon on a Tour of France

Havana, Jul 15. -The Cuban dance company "Danza Espiral", directed by Liliam Padron, will begin a tour of France at the end of the month, as part of a bilateral agreement with the General Confederation of Labour of that European nation.

"Adjunto de una Isla" (Attached to an Island) is the show that the troupe, from the western province of Matanzas, will stage at the rest camps of the Federation of Mine and Energy Wrokers of Paris, in order to bring workers in this sector some of the performances they can't see in theaters or other places of their country.

Padron, who is also a dancer and a choreographer, told ACN that it's a privilege to represent Cuban culture in lands of the so-called Old Continent, backed by the friendship and

solidarity that this trade union maintains towards the Caribbean island for over 20 years now.

The artist recalled that members of the General Confederation of Labour of France and of the Federation of Mine and Energy Workers of Paris participated in the May Day celebrations in

Cuba and attende meetings and joined voluntary works in areas of the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant of Matanzas.

The show with Cuban traditional music for the workers

in the energy sector is an example of our gratitude towards those who support Cuba, pointed out some of the company's dancers during a rehearsal. (ACN / Prensa Latina)