Lizt Alfonso Cuban Dance Company Debuts in Bahrain

Lizt Alfonso Cuban Dance Company Debuts in BahrainManama, Jul 7. -Lizt Alfonso''s Cuba Dance company made a successful debut in the Manama Summer Festival 2011 with its show "Fuerza y Compás" (Force and Beat), applauded by more than 700 spectators.

In statements to the press the director of the group said it was a spectacular show with an audience that connected with the dancers.

"We are very happy and excited, they are asking us to come back," she said.

The company performed at Cultural Hall Theatre, invited by the organizers of the festival, which which will last until July, 26. Bahrain was the third country in the Middle East where the group performed, after visiting Egypt and Qatar.

After their return to the island, they will continue preparing for the premiere of the choreography Amigas, "Friends", at Thalia theater in Hamburg, later this month. (Prensa Latina)