Raul Castro Invites Differences of Opinion for Better Solutions

Raul Castro Invites Differences of Opinion for Better SolutionsHavana, Jul 1. -Cuban President Raul Castro invited leaders at all levels to discuss and express disagreement in the interest of finding bettr solutions to today's problems, the local media reported Friday.

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"We cannot give ourselves the luxury of accepting as valid the first idea that comes to us, or act mechanically in response to a given situation," the Cuban president said, addressing an expanded Council of Ministers meeting last weekend.

"We have to think, analyze, and assess each and every possibility, to then be able to make the best decision on any matter," the president said, in statements quoted by Granma newspaper.

"If we do not do that, we run the risk of commiting the same mistakes over and over," the president said.

In his speech, Raul Castro highlighted the obligation of increasing exigency in all sectors, and ending the disorganization and control created in many places.

"The agreements adopted by the 6th Congress (of the Cuban Communist Party) will not be shelved," Raul Castro said.

Meeting participants heard about urban development violations where those responsible for demanding responsibility have been indifferent.

"It is not a question of forbidding construction, but of indicating where it should be done," Raul Castro said, calling for respect for established regulations.

Those responsible for maintaining law and order must begin to demand more from offenders so that impunity does not reign, said the statesman, announcing that the General Attorney's office would play a more decisive role. (Prensa Latina)