Southern Camaguey collaborators were acknowledged

Southern Camaguey collaborators were acknowledgedRepresentatives of the Youth Communist League (UJC) in Southern Camaguey tour the Public Health Facilities so as to morally stimulate the collaborators, acknowledging them the work developed in many cuntries.

Yunior Hierrezuelo Martínez, member of the Local UJC board, pointed pout that right now there are 130 technitians and specialists from this sector are still in severlamissions and some 50 have concluded their task outside the country.

The intense economic crisis does not ban Cuba from helping out those peoples lacking of medical and educational care, proving solidarity and committment. We will always share what we have as a big family.

The acknowledgments to the collaborators are being held in the special morning meetings, which are developed in the various medical instituions, and having Argentinian-Cuban  Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, doctor and soldier, as a guide, an extraordinary revolutionary.

Santiago SantaCruz
Translator: Daniusky Toledo Calderon