Cuba to Host Intl Forum on Deaf-Blindness

Cuba to Host Intl Forum on Deaf-BlindnessHavana, Jun 28. -Regardless of the high cost of special education, Cuba now guarantees the training of 130 children with deaf-blindness in the country to integrate them into society.

The figure is not large and may be considered insignificant in any country, if not taken into account the political will of the Cuban State, said in a press conference the director of Special Education, Ministry of Education, Moraima Orozco.

What we do is prioritize research on the educational services needed to treat people with such disabilities, said Orozco, convening the First International Workshop on deaf-blindness, "Defending hope" to be held in Havana on July 11-13.

Some 170 experts from Angola, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, including 50 Cubans, will exchange their experiences during the forum on comprehensive care for deaf-blind children and adolescents to be held at the Havana-based Convention Center, according to official sources.  (Prensa Latina)