Bolivian Govt. to Step up Anti-Car Smuggling Measures

Bolivian Govt. to Step up Anti-Car Smuggling MeasuresLa Paz, June 23. -The Bolivian government considers it essential to fight the pernicious car smuggling, a crime that has been hitting the country for several years, said an official source.

The member of Parliament for the ruling Movement Towards Socialism, Elio Marcelo, told Prensa Latina that they need to strengthen border control and promote joint collaboration between the countries involved.

These statements were made in the wake of the arrest of a Bolivian patrol while conducting inspection work on the border with Chile and their release by the Chilean justice, when a complaint by car smugglers, who accused the military of having stolen two trucks, was rejected.

In this regard, the Minister of Defense of Bolivia Maria Cecilia Chacon announced they will open investigations and legal actions to elucidate alleged mistreatment to members of the military group.

Bolivia and Chile share a long border of 343 miles in the South American Andes. (Prensa Latina)