New Neural Implant Developed

Washington, June 18. -A new type of neural implant that uses the skin as a conductor of brain signals without the aid of cables help to reactivate paralyzed limbs, scientists released Saturday.

Researchers at the University of Michigan, USA, said that the implant called BioBolt is placed through the skin and the signals are sent to an object as small as a watch or a pair of earrings.

People affected by paralysis could reactivate their movements because signals are picked up from the cortex and directly transmitted to the muscles.

With the new technology still in its infancy the need taking these nerve impulses to a computer for processing would be eliminated.

The goal is reviving the paralyzed limbs by picking up neural signals from the cerebral cortex and directly transmit them to the muscles, "said lead study author, Kensall Wise.

The new technique that may take years to be developed could have other applications in the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's.(Prensa Latina)