Food Crisis to Extend to All Africa

Food Crisis to Extend to All Africa Tunis, Jun 16. -The food crisis will extend to the entire African continent, according to a statement from the African Development Bank (ADB).

In the text, ADB President and Secretary General Donald Keberuka and Bedumra Conje, respectively, presented the guidelines of the next general assembly, scheduled for mid-August in Maputo, Mozambique.

Both officials agreed that the billion of dollars added to the initial BAD fund (3,800 billion USD) for agriculture, are insufficient to fight hunger in Africa, exacerbated by rising food prices.

According to ADB estimates, the food deficit amounts to 35.8 million tons, and Burkina Faso, Liberia, Congo Democratic Republic and even Egypt are the worst-hit countries. Keberuka added that this year some 250 USD million will be added to be used as a fund for the purchase of fertilizers for small farms in Africa. (Prensa Latina)