Cuba in Geneva Condemns Exploitation of Third World

Cuba in Geneva Condemns Exploitation of Third WorldGeneva, Jun 14. -The Cuban Minister of Labor and Social Security, Margarita Gonzalez, recalled in this capital the centuries of exploitation, underdevelopment, social injustice and plunder of the Third World.

Addressing the 100th International Labour Conference, Gonzalez said that such a situation existed before the current financial and economic crisis, which is why there is no space for delays in finding concrete responses.

In her speech, the minister called for finding solutions to problems such as unemployment and a lack of social protections.

"It is not possible to maintain a contemplative attitude in a world where 205 million people are unemployed, 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty, and millions go hungry; we need deep-going change," the Gonzalez said.

"Particularly in developing countries, where food prices have tripled, water is scarce, and natural disasters occur, poverty, inequality and social exclusion also are increasing," she stated.

Gonzalez said that the idea of development in many places worldwide is an unattainable dream, without a vision of the future.

"Cuba recently concluded a process of mass consultation to update its economic model with the objective of ensuring socialism, developing the country, and raising people's standard of living," the minister sated. (PL)