Mexico: Children Terrified by Mass Graves

Mexico: Children Terrified by Mass GravesMexico City, Jun 7. -Schools in the city of Durango will be empty again on Tuesday, given children's fear of passing by the mass graves dug by organized crime groups, according to a report in the newspaper El Siglo de Durango.

These are some of the social consequences of a tragedy that shocked the world beginning on April 11, when authorities began exhuming 226 bodies found in these graves with signs that the victims were abused before they were killed.

According to the president of the National Association of Parents, Miguel Angel Villanueva, students are so afraid that they do not want to go to schools, and are in need of moral and psychological support.

To address this situation, the Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture can be an alternative for families that are emotionally affected by direct violence or by the psychosis provoked by these kinds of events, said Villanueva Ruano.

Last week, 12 of the recovered bodies were given a burial in Durango, but their only identification was a number provided by the coroner's service.

Meanwhile, 42 of the victims have been identified and 172 were in freezers awaiting identification, La Cronica de Hoy reported. (Prensa Latina)