Peru: Increasing Pressure on President-Elect

Peru: Increasing Pressure on President-Elect Lima, Jun 7. – Peruvian President-elect, Ollanta Humala is facing strong pressure from conservative groups, which are trying to impose conditions after they were unable to prevent his victory.

 The General Confederation of Workers issued a press release underlining the democratic and progressive character of Humala's victory and urging the president-elect to keep his promises.

Conservative politicians, entrepreneurs and journalists are openly requesting that Humala appoint certain well-known neoliberals to administration posts related to the economy, saying that this is how the new government will win the confidence of investors.

Humala has not given in to the pressure, and his Vice President-elect, Marisol Espinoza, announced a list of progressive figures and two career diplomats who are part of the Gana Peru Party commission charged with the administration handover.(Prensa Latina)