Guayasamín Foundation Convokes Fidelity Serenade

Guayasamín Foundation Convokes Fidelity SerenadeQuito, May 26. -Guayasamin Foundation convened Latin American songwriters to celebrate in Havana on the evening of August 12 "Serenata de la Fidelidad" (Fidelity Serenade), as homage to the 85th birthday of Fidel Castro and to the Cuban people.

In a press conference at the headquarters of the Foundation in the capital and with the presence of relatives of the late Maestro, Alfredo Vera read the notice to participants in the three concerts "All voices, all", and for those who wish to join.

Vera recalled that the Guayasamin Foundation commemorated Fidel's 62 years in Quito in 1988, his 70th birthday in 1996 when Maestro Guayasamín was still alive, and his 80th birthday was celebrated in Havana, in 2006.

In the presentation of the call in Quito were present 93 year old Maruja Monteverde, Guayasamín's widow, his children Paul and Saskia, and Alfredo Vera, step son of the Ibero-American Painter, named as such by the 2010 Summit of Presidents of the region in Argentina. (Prensa Latina)