Mexico: Solidarity with Cuba

Mexico: Solidarity with CubaHavana, May 13. -The liberation of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters now in prison in the US, known as the Cuban Five, the blockade against Cuba by the US government and the debates of the Cuban Communist Party Congress will be the topics of the 6th Continental Meeting for Solidarity with Cuba.

Convoked by the Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples of the World from October 6 to 9, the event will ratify the commitment of the friends of Cuba.

Peter Geller, a member of the Organizing Committee, said they expect 500 delegates to attend, from Latin America and the Caribbean, Canada and the USA, and 1,000 Cuban delegates.

The promoters want to spread the truth about the Cuban reality to social organizations, trade unions, schools, universities and other places in the continent, after the discussions of the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, and seek agreement for a continental plan to face the US government blockade and the release of the Cuban Five. (Prensa Latina)