Havana Club Aims at Selling Four Million Cases

Havana Club Aims at Selling Four Million CasesHavana, Apr 12. -Authorities of Havana Club rum company declared their aspiration to sell four million twelve-bottle cases this year.

President of CubaRon Corporation Juan Gonzalez added that thy have set the target despite the arbitrary ruling of a US court of not renewing the marketing license for the brand in that country.

Gonzalez said that industrial capacities to produce the famous Cuban rum are at a very high level; therefore they expect sales worth over 100 million USD in main markets.

He said distribution for this year will be reinforced by demand for the product in less tapped markets like Asia, mainly China.

Thanks to the rigour of Cuban rum masters, the quality of this product, the strict control in its production and a strong marketing work, Cuba is likely to increase Havana Club's position in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Legal consultant Arian Remedios said that in 2010, the joint venture Havana Club Internacional S.A. (HCI) sold 3.8 million of twelve-bottle cases, an increase of 14 percent against 2009.

He said the product is registered in 186 nations worldwide, ranks 22 among the world's top 100 spirits and ranks 4th among brands with the highest sale growth (over 14.9 percent) after Absolut vodka and Johny Walker and Jameson whisky brands.

Remedios said that currently his company has an on-line strategy to defend the brand through social networks and warn consumers against the threat of forgery.

Havana Club remains the leader among Cuban export rums. (Prensa Latina)