CDR members show themselves proud in Southern Camaguey

CDR members show themselves proud in Southern CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Mar 4. –The members of the 700 CDR ( Committees for the defense of the Revolution) existing in Santa Cruz del Sur have committed to do their job in 2011 with a greater emulation spirit, it was recently confirmed in a meeting with base leaders, led by members of the organization in this region.

Nowadays the territory is in the fourth place at a provincial level. That is why the membership is called to be present in the revolutionary surveillance and guard, the delivery on time of the contribution and the indispensable strengthening of the cadre policy from the base.

Blood donations, voluntary delivery in order to save and heal is at a 105 per cent of the fulfilment, as the raw materials gathering gets all the priority through a system where the CDR, the Assembly of Government and the Base Business Unit, in charge of the repercussion of all the elements which importations can be substituted.

“The economy is as important as the politic and ideological work. Our sugarcane harvest is the raw material, which is recyclable and substitutes importations”, said the directive.

He exhorted to take the contribution to the 100 per cent in the current month and took the opportunity to congratulate the members of the CDR from the Caobita and Arroyo Blanco, which have already finalized their contribution for the year 2011.

During the meeting, the VI congress award was bestowed upon the North and South Popular Councils, to the Paloma Neighbourhood, and to the 50th Anniversary Community. This is the best way of showing our enormous gratitude to the Homeland that proudly gazes at us.
Santiago SantaCruz
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