Egyptians Back to Everyday Life, but Expecting Demands to Be Met

Egyptians Back to Everyday Life, but Expecting Demands to Be Met Cairo, Feb 14. – Shops packed with red hearts, gifts, and cards allegorical for Valentine's Day are a clear sign that everyday life is gradually returning to Egypt, but the people who forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign remain watchful for the changes they demanded.

Hectic commercial activity has once more taken over streets and businesses, as merchants try to make up for losses with attractive offers for the day of love and friendship, after the country was at almost a total standstill for 20 days.

However, the generalized climate of uncertainty is still perceived nationwide, chiefly in the capital, because Egypt is now a country without a parliament or constitution.

Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, where the popular uprising began on Jan. 25, is the best proof that the still weak transition is arousing many questions and expectations.

Though the military police reopened that area to traffic, a certain atmosphere of chaos other than the traditional hustle and bustle of that commercial area was perceptible today.

Hundreds of Egyptians continue to visit the square, some of them just to visit the place symbolic of the victorious uprising, others -the majority- to confirm to the new military authorities that the young people will not demobilize until their demands are met.(Prensa Latina)