Casa de las Americas 2011 Literature Award Opens

Casa de las Americas 2011 Literature Award OpensHavana, Jan. 18. -Events for the Casa de las Americas 2011 Literature Prize begin Monday, with the official formation of the jury and opening remarks by Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and Peruvian anthropologist Stefano Varese.

The 52nd edition of the literature contest is dedicated to the 100th birthday of Peruvian author Jose Maria Arguedas.

The contest involves some 300 entries in the categories of novel, short story, testimonial article, literary/artistic essay and Brazilian literature.

The jury is composed of important writers, including poet Margaret Randall (USA), Roberto Burgos Cantor (Colombia), Martin Kohan (Argentina), Andrea Jeftanovich (Chile), and Eduardo Becerra (Spain).

Following the opening ceremony, the book La Potencia Plebeya, (Plebeian Power) by Garcia Linera, will be on sale at Che Guevara de Casa Room, which houses an emblem of this cultural institution, The Tree of Life.

The hard work of evaluating the hundreds of writings in the contest will take place in the southern-central city of Cienfuegos, since the jury for the 2011 Casa de Las Americas Prize will be hosted by the Hotel Jagua. (Prensa Latina)