Short Exercises Good for Heart, Study Shows

Short Exercises Good for Heart, Study ShowsLondon, Jan 14. -Walking few minutes, climbing stairs and moving up are the main recommendations of specialists to prevent heart diseases, published the European Heart Journal in its latest edition.

Such activities during less than one minute after several hours of sitting reduce waistline and lower bad cholesterol levels, according to the authors of the study of the University of Queensland Australia.

Researchers used in the study a sample of about 5,000 people around 20 years and tested them for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood fats. They also took into account statistics of sociodemographic factors and differences in lifestyles.

Main author of the study Genevieve Healy aid the investigation showed that little changes as standing up for a minute could help to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Sitting in a chair for a long time is a habit that will increase in future due to technological innovations. It is necessary to reduce the time in that position, the author said. (Prensa Latina)