China Foreign Trade Rises 34.7% in 2010

China Foreign Trade Rises 34.7% in 2010Beijing, Jan 10. -China's foreign trade grew by 34.7 percent last year, reaching over 2.9 billion USD, while its surplus fell by 6.4 percent, official sources reported on Monday.

The General Customs Administration said the country's trade surplus in this period was 183.1 billion USD.

Exports rose 31.3 percent compared to 2009 and stood at 1.58 billion USD, while imports totalled 1.39 billion USD, representing a 38.7 percent jump.

In December, the surplus was 13.1 billion USD, which was 9.8 billion less than in November.

In the last month of 2010, sales rose 17.9 percent over the same previous period, up to 154.200 billion USD, while shopping rose 25.6 percent, to 141.1 billion USD.

December statistics confirmed that the world's No. 2 economy is growing faster than those of other countries, while imports exceeded exports. (Prensa Latina)