Each Year 10,000 Honduran Children Migrate

Each Year 10,000 Honduran Children MigrateTegucigalpa, Jan 4. -Each year about 10,000 Honduran children leave the country in an attempt to achieve the American dream, according to estimates of Casa Alianza.

Many of them are deported, but others disappear along the way, are trapped by organized crime or are in centers of prostitution, the national director of Casa alianza that is an organization working with street children, Manuel Capellin, reported.

Capellín considers that in 2011 the number of migrant children will increase due to the crisis in the country, which will particularly impact the most vulnerable sectors.

Another serious problem here is that at least half a million children are exploited at work, which prevents them from completing primary education.

The men work in the coffeecut season, selling at markets and car cleaning, while females work mainly as domestic workers. (Prensa Latina)