Workers from Southern Camaguey celebrate results in 2010

Workers from Southern Camaguey celebrate results in 2010Santa Cruz del Sur, Dec 25. –Many activities are being carried out during these days at local entities and organisms as part of the festivities for the end of the year, aimed to stand out the economic and social work done by every enterprise during this year.

Taking into account the festive days, the local recreation community has prepared a group of actions in coordination with the commerce enterprises, gastronomy and some others that will support and constitute another option for the workers.   
In this sense, entities as the Fodder Factory (ALISUR), Algérico Lara Correa fishing industry, the CARIBE milk cooling Center, among others, are supposed to develop their year-end activities for the upcoming days.

With less than seven days, the various sectors from Southern Camaguey celebrate the fulfilment of their goals, or the effort carried out during this working period, and at the same time they all mark the 53rd anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral/ Radio Santa Cruz)